nature, Poetry, storytelling, Trees



I was sitting in Shady Haven
beneath and between
two gigantic trees of
which I’m certain
had for generations
offered shade
to other woolgatherers
like myself.

I was contemplating
whether I should
attempt to start a painting.
it had been awhile since I’d
tried my hand
at creating what I call art
(though there may be some who
refer to my effort
as “shit”.
but ask me if I give a damn).

I was having trouble focusing through
the nagging presence
of overwhelming Sadness.
so I succumbed to that
intruder and
allowed that he
keep me company for awhile.
you know…
just to humor him.

he began to overstay
his welcome
and I began to cry. so I felt compelled
to move from my chair
to lie supine
in the striped hammock held securely
by the giant branch
of the tree I’d named

I peered through her enormous branches
at the clear blue
of a perfect sky.
I wiped away those ridiculous
I closed my ungrateful
and pondered some more
whether to paint
and what to paint should I
decide to do so.

my mind was yet again
hijacked. I was dragged away from
focusing on art and my
noodling around of
style and subject
by the pesky intruder
who meant to spoil my day…

once more I indulged his
uninvited call
on my ADHD brain.
I didn’t cry this time. instead I allowed him
to feed my frustration.
I began to feel hopelessness
and doubt. then a cool breeze
made its way
through Luna’s massive branches
and found my face.
my furrowed brow relaxed
as the wind ran its fingers
through my hair.
I sent Sadness packing.
I’d attend to him

as I returned to my pondering
of what to paint
my eyes fixed on
the big beautiful tree that easily
my 150 pounds.
I began to study
the aged tree
which had invited me to rest
had summoned the soothing breeze
and had offered a shade from the
unrelenting sun.

I felt her whisper, “All better now? Go and
play with your paints.”

then my grateful soul smiled
on Luna
for her gift of solace.
gently she had revealed
once more to
one who often forgets
that Sadness
can be conquered by
the beauty of a tree
an easy summer breeze
and the inner strength of
a woman.
I thanked her for the reminder.
I painted an old man.

Mizippihippi 9/2/2016


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